Standardized Medical Cannabis

 NeuCana Companion Oral Spray TM

NeuCana Companion Oral Spray is concentrated from Artisan Whole Flower Cannabis.
Our water-soluble formulations provide better bioavailability.  

NeuCana Companion Products are patented, intra-oral sprays for the delivery of Whole Flower CBD (20:1 non-psychoactive) formula directly into the oral cavity.

 Oral Dose   |   1 mg per spray |  240 mg total 

Improve your Companions quality of life & achieve true homeostasis within your pet's immune system, without side effects. Explore the ability to treat inflammation, which is often expressed as pain, with Whole Flower CBD in NeuCana Companion Oral Spray.  


Cannabinoids are a group of closely related compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors in the body & brain.NeuCana Whole Flower CBD provides the full spectrum of cannabinoid in Water-Soluble Formulations. NeuCana Oral Spray offers a delivery method with a 90% absorption, by entering the mucosal membrane in the back of the mouth. The fluid crosses into the blood stream and penetrates the central nervous system of the patient, delivering the pain relief sought. 

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Your Dog, The Canine Companion Ambassador

San Diego Loves Pets....

Our city is a pet-lovers  paradise.  With endless areas to walk, play and explore, and amazing off leash dog park, and ample off leash dog hours at parks all over town this city of Encinitas. Animal services in Encinitas are administered by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts department, while actual services are provided through a contract with the San Diego Humane Society. The San Diego Humane Society offers a wide range of programs and services that strengthen the animal human bond, prevent neglect, provide medical care, educate the community on humane treatment of  animals and provide safety net services for all the cat families needing assistance with keeping their pets. 

Contact Information 619.299.7012

San Diego Humane Society has a canine volunteer program that helps educate children at our shelter and in the classroom, visits community members at outreach events and brings joy to those who are no longer able to own a pet through Pet-Assisted Therapy and Welcome Waggin’ visits. Call the number above to learn more. 

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