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The Therapeutic Benefits of CBD
NeuCana Companion Oral Spray

A user-friendly dosing method   

Whole Flower CBD Cannabis 

Reduce Seperation Anxiety 

Improve Healing Time 

Better Heatlh and Behavior

NeuCana Companion CBD for Pets

NeuCana Companion Products are patented, intra-oral sprays for the delivery of Whole Flower CBD (20:1 non-psychoactive) formula directly into the oral cavity. A 55 microliter spray delivers high concentrations of CBD directly onto the mouth's sensitive buccal mucosa tissue into the bloodstream. 

 Therapeutic Benefits of CBD 

When undesired emotions  stay  with our pet for long periods of time, it may result in undesirable behavior.    CBD is known to reduce anxiety caused by emotional stress; in both humans and our companions.  Like humans, our pets  have endo-cannabiniod systems also.  NeuCana Companions Oral Spray 1 mg  provides relief for pets suffering from anxiety, resulting in undesirable behavior. 

Barking    |    Scratching   |   Aggression 

Our companions deserve the best care.  When our pets are faced with challenging ailments or conditions, we often resort to medications, neutering, bark collars, or punishment before identifying the cause. New research links holistic health products and services, to preventing the undesired behavior and side effects from medications. 

NeuCana user-friendly Oral Spray uses a water-based solvent and extraction process. This product has been tested for purity and is made in an FDA approved lab,
providing a safe alternative for your pet. 

CBD dose by weight chart

NeuCana Companion Oral Spray | 1 mg per Oral Dose

Many medications prescribed to older pets for acute or chronic illnesses can be hard on your pets organs, alter behavior, and in some cases can cause irreversible side effects.  Our product offers an alternative for clients seeking to explore a more holistic option to reducing inflammation for your pet.

Oral Spray - 1 mg per dose

NeuCana Companion Oral Spray 1 mg per dose

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NeuCana Companion - Daily use by weight


1-19 lbs -    1 Oral Spray 2x per day

20-59 lbs -  2 Oral Spray | 2x per day

60-100 lbs - 3 Oral Spray | 3x per day

Over 100 lbs - 4 Oral Spray | 4x per day

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